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People are different, and so are Norwegian villages. Find the villages that best suits your wants and needs! 

How it works

You will be presented with choices in the areas of geography, nature, leisure interests, and private/public services.

If something is of importance to you, move the slider to "
would be nice". Some things are dealbreakers, though. If there is something you absolutely must have, move the slider to "must have". For things that are not important to you, simply leave the slider at "not important". For example, if you don't care about skiing, school or whatever, it's perfectly fine to leave it at "not important". 

The score

For all the villages in Freysta, we have information about what is available in the village and within a 45-minute drive from the village.


Once you have gone through the five sets of criteria, we will present a list of the villages that best match your preferences. If everything you have marked as "would be nice" and "must have" is available in the village, it will be a 100% match. If some of your preferences are not in the village but are within a 45-minute drive, it will be a slightly lower match. And if the village doesn't have everything you want in the village or nearby, it will receive an even lower match. Most importantly, if you have marked something as "must have," and it's not in the village or nearby, these villages will not appear on your list at all.

Have fun finding your village match!



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