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The peaceful village of Mykland is great for those who have a passion for deer hunting. Here, the kids start the training in school, with air rifle shooting! 

Mykland has vast forests and freshwater lakes. It is an El Dorado for those who want to be close to nature and harvest from the wild. In Mykland, hunting is good food on the table, physical activity, the benefits of being outdoors, and good times around the campfire with fellow hunters.

Froland municipality / Østre Agder region / Agder county

Hunting and Gathering Galore


Froland municipality

Østre Agder region

Agder county


Mykland bygdelag
Mykland – Wikipedia

Photo: Mykland bygdelag

A dog in the forest in Mykland, Norway

Mykland have around 400 residents, and a lot of villagers work in forestry or have jobs that are connected to the forest. Others work as farmers, with electricity generation or with tourism. 

Undoubtedly, the surrounding natural resources and the stunning wildlife certainly is a big part of the everyday life for the people of Mykland. Both when it comes to business and pleasure.

The Forest as a Way of Living

Back to the school kids and future deer hunters of Mykland. They attend the local primary school, which has a large football field, a basket court, a volleyball court, and a big gymnasium. There is no shortage of facilities, in other words.

As for the adults, there are also things to do that involve less nature and more socializing. Several organizations have activities, such as work-out sessions, tabata training, markets, quiz evenings and of course classes and courses for all things deer hunting - indoor air rifle shooting, shooting trials, and outdoor field and competition shooting.

The spirit of volunteerism and community in the village is described by many as fantastic, according to the local village association of Mykland. 

In the center of Mykland, there is the sale of gasoline, diesel, and a charging station for electric cars. 

Although rural, the village of Mykland is surrounded by the municipal centers of Evje, Birkeland, Osedalen, and Åmli, all within a commuting distance of approximately 30 minutes. Adding an extra 30 minutes will take you to the Danish ferry, Kjevik airport, Kristiansand, Arendal, or other small towns along the coast. A lot of the people of Bygland therefore commute for work, being that the distances to many bigger places are fairly short.  

Facilities and Activities

Photo: Mykland bygdelag

Photo: Mykland bygdelag

The surrounding forests are also great if you simply like to hike and gather berries, mushrooms, and other edible plants. There are many hiking trails, and in the winter cross-country skiing is popular. There are illuminated skiing tracks in abundance in and around Mykland.


In the summertime paddling, fishing, and swimming are popular activites – Mykland has several beautiful freshwater lakes. Here, you can fish for trout, Arctic char, and perch. Great fun and delicious food! The lake closest to the village centre, Langevann, has a pier and a beach. 

Photo: Mykland Bygdelag

Where is Mykland?

Primary school



Public services in the village


Grocery store

Gas station

Electric car charging

Private services in the village


Shooting range

Lake/river fishing

Game hunting

Leisure in the village



Junior high school

High school

Doctor's office




Swimming pool


Vinmonopolet (wine and liquor shop)

Public services within 45 min





Shopping center


Movie theater

Fitness center

Private services within 45 min



Soccer club




Frisbee golf

Leisure within 45 min


In and Around the Village

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