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The Coolest Milk: Meet the Northernmost Dairy Farmer on Earth

The cows grassing at Lise Kaldahl Skreddernes’ farm have a fresh life for sure. They produce elite milk under the midnight sun and above the arctic circle.

-Almost everyone that comes to visit Bekkarfjord, express the more or less the same thing. They feel like they've stumbled upon an oasis, Lise says with a smile.

The cows enjoying beautiful Bekkarfjord.
The cows enjoying beautiful Bekkarfjord. Photo: Lise Kaldahl Skreddernes.
Embracing the Elements

The green, fertile farm land surrounded by steep mountains and the untamed ocean certainly stands out. The 16 villagers of Bekkarfjord live with the wonders of the Northern Lights, refreshing sea breeze, the endless days of the midnight sun, and a brief but stunning summer. Also, there are freezing cold days and winter storms. This a place where you better like weather.

-What I cherish most about living here is our close and harmonious connection with nature. Our days are intertwined with the elements, whether they bring us good or challenging days. It instills in us a sense of independence, I suppose. That, to me, is the true beauty of living here, Lise says.

-This is certainly not the place to live if your main interests are things like shopping or theatre, Lise chuckles.

Lise at work.
Lise at work! Photo: private.

-That being said, it’s a great place if you like are an outdoor enthusiast. For me, it’s fantastic to hike and enjoy the nature here – every season has its charm. We pick blueberries, many like to hunt and fish. The distance between the shore and the mountain is short, and there is always new things to explore.

Premium Quality

Lise and her family has lived in Bekkarfjord for two decades. Lise and her husband Birger purchased the farm Kraabøl and have never looked back. The 16 cows produce 130 000 litres of milk every year. The cows must have happy days, because the milk they deliver is premium. Lise has received Tine's highest accolade for milk production, Sølvtina. The farm has delivered top-quality milk for more than 20 consecutive years. (Tine is Norway’s largest dairy cooperative.)

Bigger isn’t necessarily better.

-This is a small community where everybody knows everybody, of course. But we have each other backs, Lise says.

-My family were very welcomed when we moved here. It is a friendly village and there is a profound sense of toghetherness here. But there’s room for more nature enthusiasts in Bekkarfjord!

-We would love to get more neighbours, concludes the world’s coolest dairy farmer.

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